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Contact Us FAQ. Posted: Tue Jul 19, pm. Hello forum My touch screen stopped working and I can't set my rav to charge immediately. I don't have quite the miles to make it home so I wondering if there is a simple fix for this. I checked through the manual to see if there is a fuse that can be replaced but nothing is referring to the screen.

Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control Problems

Any ideas? I'm not sure about fixing the screen, but if you have the app installed on your mobile device, you can plug the car in and tell the car to start charging by going to Charge Management and choosing "Charge Now" at the bottom. Good luck! Try a complete reboot of the car. With the car off, disconnect the black 12V battery cables from the battery post for a minute or two.

There will be a small spark when you reconnect it - don't worry about that. With your foot on the brake, push the start button once. Wait for the Nav system to boot up, then press the start button again with your foot still on the brake.

Common Toyota RAV4 windshield wiper problems

Posted: Wed Jul 20, am. Posted: Wed Jul 20, pm. Thanks for the responses! I took it to stevens creek toyota where they did the reboot. Wish i would've known before Thanks again! Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic.There are a ton of handy do-it-yourself windshield wiper tricks out there. The vehicles from the previous model years have experienced similar problems where water has dripped onto the windshield wiper link that can, over time, cause corrosion and wear down the wiper link joint.

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This may lead to the separation of the wiper link form the wiper motor arm crank in some cases. Safe Cars for Student Drivers. If the wiper arm stops moving during inclement weather, driver visibility will be compromised and the risk of a vehicle crash intensifies. To find the most recent Safety Recall information an any Toyota, Scion, or Lexus vehicle, visit toyota.

Wiper smearing: This could be the result of worn blades, dirty wiper blade, or poor wiper fluid. Loose wiper arm: Sometimes wiper arms just get loose. If the nut at the base of the wiper looks loose, try putting a new nut on and tighten it. You should be able to compare one wiper to the other to determine a difference.

Safe Cars for Student Drivers If the wiper arm stops moving during inclement weather, driver visibility will be compromised and the risk of a vehicle crash intensifies. Related Posts. How to jump start your Toyota Prius. How to protect your valuables inside your vehicle. Join the conversation 0 comment s Cancel reply.Note: "Press" refers to a physical button on your phone or the multimedia system faceplate.

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You may also need to select Pair on your phone to confirm pairing. A confirmation will appear that your phone has been paired. For instructions on how to pair, visit the Toyota Connect site.

Check the battery life on your phone.

toyota rav4 screen not working

Touch Yes to continue. The display touch-screen will confirm you want to connect to the Internet using your phone and that data charges apply. Make sure your phone is turned on and paired with vehicle. Ensure your phone is in "Listening Mode. The display touch-screen may confirm you want to connect to the Internet using your phone and that data charges apply.

To resume Internet services the next time your phone is communicating with the vehicle, press APPS to go to the main page of the multimedia system and select any app. If a "data plan cost" warning message appears, touch Yes to confirm you would like to continue. If you have problems, ensure your phone is in "Listening Mode. Once you've registered on toyota. When you do, remember to enter your email and password. Touch Pair on your phone when prompted.

Touch Accept on the multimedia screen when prompted.

toyota rav4 screen not working

A confirmation will appear that your device has been paired. Verify and see that your phone is attempting to pair. A confirmation will appear that your phone has been paired and connected. The steps outlined previously are required. For your safety, you can only pair a phone when the vehicle is stopped and in Park. To begin, you should have already registered at toyota. Make sure you have the app in your phone, installed like any phone app from the Google Play store.

Confirm on your phone that you accept the pairing request. Toyota Display Audio systems feature voice recognition that controls phone functionality. See your Owner's Manual for a complete list of voice commands. Phone must be paired.Add us to the list of disillusioned, saddened, Toyota Rav4 customers.

Coming back from a long vacation last week our audio stopped working. Looks like it tries to reboot but cannot complete the task successfully. I see this s a somewhat common problem.

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I have an appointment with our local dealership a week from now but after reading the other complaints I am not too happy about the probable outcome. The dealership even called to say we needed a Master Technician to diagnose this problem and rescheduled our original appointment.

Our last Rav4 was traded in prematurely with a differential problem so I'm not too happy this this Rav4 is having ANY problems. Toyota Corporation are you listening! Unless you can help you are likely going to lose some loyal customers.

Update from Sep 3, : Unfortunately the master mechanic at our local Toyota dealership told us our "head unit" is a complete loss and cannot be repaired. He told us they have never seen one do what ours was doing. Fortunately my contact with Toyota customer care paid off. I referred Toyota Inc. Which is better than nothing and we were grateful for the offer, however, I still think Toyota should cover the full cost of this repair since it is NOT a one off repair and is happening to many people.

I encourage those in this situation to contact Toyota at for help with this repair. Good luck!

How to replace radio fuse Toyota RAV4

August 19, a day after a 2hr road trip listening to XM and using the navigation system, My screen is black. The back up camera works just fine but I can't get my radio to accept a cd or power on in anyway.

Does someone have a fix to help me out? My Rav4 Limited Radio software bricked. The radio turns on and keeps loading over and over again till it finally turns off so the radio, USB port, and all phone options do not function anymore.

toyota rav4 screen not working

I have disconnected the battery, tried to load new software and brought it to the Toyota dealership for them to tell me that I need a new radio. I expected better from a Toyota. I called Corporate Toyota and asked if they would help cover the cost of the repairs or a new radio. They said that I need to take it to a local Toyota dealership to get a diagnosis on it to see what the exacted problem is.

Toyota is better than this. I didn't realize so many other people have had the same problem. Thank you all for posting. Toyota corp. I called Main office and let them know they contacted the dealer ship called me back and said they would give me And before that I owned a Camry I drove with no problems until last year with over miles.One of the most common and inconvenient problems with the Toyota Rav4 is when it has no heat coming from the heater.

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Not having a functioning heater makes driving much less comfortable, and can be a sign of certain issues. At the simplest level, there are two main reasons why the heater is not working. If the heat is blowing, but blowing cold, it has something to do with the coolant getting to the heater core, or the heater core itself.

At the simplest level possible, the heater works by passing hot coolant from the engine into a tiny radiator called the heater core. At this point, the blower motor blows air across the it and the newly heated air blows on to the driver and passengers.

If the heater has stopped working in your Rav4, this process has failed in one way or another. There is almost never a situation where you would need to take the radiator cap off of the radiator to add coolant.

The exception to that would be when you would have reason to believe that the hose going from the reservoir to the radiator is clogged. While not having enough coolant may make your engine run hotter, it can also cause your Rav4 to not be able to create enough heat. You can verify this by checking the coolant level by taking a peek at the overflow reservoir. The overflow reservoir will be connected to the radiator by a tube coming from the top usually right by the radiator cap.

Some vehicles only have full hot. It does this by allowing water to enter the engine when it is getting hot, and by keeping coolant from entering while the vehicle warms up. Sometimes when a thermostat goes bad, it stays stuck open. This allows the coolant to continuously enter the engine. If your Rav4 has a built in temperature gauge, take a look at it and see if it is in the spot it is normally in after a bit of driving.

The heater core itself can go bad. Over time, they are known to clog and fail. Without the warm coolant going through it, there can be no heat. A bad heater core can also leak, so watch out for that.

There are two hoses coming to and from the heater core. They both should feel warm or hot to the touch with the engine on. If one of the hoses is hot, and the other one is cold, that is a pretty good indication that the heater core is clogged.

If the neither hose has any heat, you may have air in the cooling system, low fluid, or low pressure. If you look at your temperature gauge, and the engine is running hotter than normal, but there is not heat coming from the heater you may be having issues with the water pump. Try taking the vehicle out of gear and revving the engine a little.

Also, the serpentine belt going to the water pump going bad can it not turn as fast as it needs to. But, using the info above about how and why a heater would fail can make it a lot easier.

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If there is anything you would like to add, please feel free to leave a comment below. Low Coolant While not having enough coolant may make your engine run hotter, it can also cause your Rav4 to not be able to create enough heat. Heater Core The heater core itself can go bad. Water Pump If you look at your temperature gauge, and the engine is running hotter than normal, but there is not heat coming from the heater you may be having issues with the water pump.Contact Us FAQ. Posted: Tue Jun 23, pm.

Lately my back up camera hasn't engaged when in reverse, sometimes it shows a black screen or just stays on the regular display and sometime it works fine. Has anyone else had this issue? That's a new one!

toyota rav4 screen not working

Any computer-ish type glitches, I would disconnect the negative 12 volt battery wire with the car off for a few minutes, then reconnect and try it.

Posted: Thu Jun 25, pm. Its in the shop for the back shocks and they are checking the camera as well, will see what they say. Posted: Sat Sep 03, am. It happened a few more times today, then the back-up camera was normal again. Did the dealer fix your camera problem? If so, what was causing it? Posted: Sat Sep 03, pm.

I have been having a similar problem, the screen is blank in reverse but I go to the back camera and tap on it and the screen comes on. Posted: Fri Jul 21, pm.

My back-up camera has been behaving lately, but now my is starting to act up. I had always assumed these problems were simply caused by some switch in the "transmission" not fully engaging to provide power to the camera, but it's getting more complicated with my Instead of only two possibilities normal camera function or the totally "black screen of death"now I'm getting a third option: a crappy, dark image with lots of distortion and horizontal lines through it.

The next time this happens, I will try to remember to take a picture of it. Anyway, I now have an extended warranty on theand the camera problem is frequent enough that it might just act up for the dealer too. However, I would still like to know what causes this camera problem so I can fix it myself if it comes up again on my By the way, I would really like to hack the back-up camera to turn on whenever I wanted, including while driving forward. Does anyone know how to do that?

I also really miss the "Around-View" monitor on my old LEAF, which provided panoramic views all around the car, via 4 cameras. If my RAV's had that feature, I might keep them forever!

I assume its just an intermittent connection somewhere maybe in the door at the camera? It was happening pretty often about a year ago but for some reason its been completely solid and functioning for the last year, so i've never taken it apart to figure out whats wrong. I think you could make the camera come on all the time by faking the "car is in reverse" signal to the head unit.

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However i havent looked at the wiring harness for the toyota so this is just speculation on my part. Thats how most "aftermarket" units work.

Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.The most recently reported issues are listed below.

All door lock actuators will stop working after a period of time causing you to not being able to unlock or open your doors. See all problems of the Toyota RAV4.

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Rav4 hybrid limited with navigation. One time, radio was loud, and could not turn it down as the screen was frozen. Has happened about once every two weeks. The contact owns a Toyota Rav4.

The screen turned a blue color and the system became inoperable. Screen keeps attempting to reload but it fails. Radio or navigation inoperable but the rear view camera does work. Occurred at 60, miles.

Radio in my Rav4 won't turn on or off. The screen looks like it is trying to reboot but gets to a certain point then stops and starts again. It creates safety issues as it divert driver eyes what happen and have to use cell phone while driving to check road conditions. It prevents drivers from up to date traffic conditions and car condition. Everything used to display in radio screen.

I had to visit Toyota because my radio will turn on by itself, when I park. Even after visiting Toyota for an update, my radio will change on its own, not from the steering wheel but on its own.

So it is not fixed. Wipers will turn on then stop. There seems to be a device behind the dash that I can hear clicking on and off well after the ignition is off or while the car is idle for a bit. My climate control changes on its on even though it works fine most of the time.

It is as if my car is receiving additional commands from another source. Last week, at night, I witnessed two men standing in the middle of the street, somehow activating car alarms from random cars. Just yesterday, not far from where I live a driver "lost control" and ran into two homes. The driver was thrown from the car, while the car and the house caught on fire, that was strange to hear about.

If there is something that can be done for my car, please let me know what to do. Thank you.

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